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Magnetic Buttons


Magnetic Buttons

Magnetic buttons, they are everywhere, and they have an incredibly long life span in homes, and businesses around america.  The average life span of a refrigerator magnet, is around 8 years.  This is an incredible investment for magnetic button buyers!  Magnetic buttons in bulk are less than $1.00 each, way less in some cases.  For as little as $0.35 you can get your magnet in households around the world, where it will reside for on average 8 years.

Make sure to include a magnetic button in each package you ship to your customers, and more often than not, that magnetic button will find its way to a refrigerator where it will stay for a number of years.

Great magnetic buttons offer text that is high in contrast from the background color, and contain a brief message about your business, or even your contact information.    

Half Price Buttons sells low cost, but high quality magnetic buttons in round, square, oval, and rectangle.  These range in size from 1 inch, up to 3 inch, and come with high resolution prints, and a low glare protective coating for a long life.

At Half Price Buttons, we can help you make your next magnetic button campaign a success,  by sharing helpful resources, and keeping your magnetic button budget low.

Contact us via live chat for any additional questions about our magnetic buttons.

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