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Protect your employees, protect your customers

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It can be awkward to ask people to maintain their distance, but a button can be a subtle reminder for them to be safe. 

Headed to quiltcon? Get buttons to share, trade, or sell from Half Price Buttons

With your volume discounts across multiple artworks nobody sells custom pinback buttons cheaper than Half Price Buttons.  If you are headed to Quilt Con, order your buttons from us and we'll save you a bundle.Buttons for conventions have been a great way to start a conversation, and make new friends, for years.  Try it out the next [...]

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Campaign Buttons

If you are looking for campaign buttons, we'd like to suggest you start with Half Price Buttons.  While we cannot guarantee you a campaign victory, we can guarantee you great prices, great service, and quality buttons.  We offer  custom buttons in round, square, oval, and rectangle shapes, while also offering multiple sizes in most of these shapes. [...]

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JW.ORG Convention Buttons

If you are headed to convention and need custom convention buttons, we make it easy.  Start by designing  your own artwork, or taking an image from the web, then upload your artwork to the size/shape of your choosing.We do the rest for you!  We offer one free artwork sizing per order, so once you've [...]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Buttons

Support those in your life that are going through breast cancer with custom buttons.  #girlpower #breastcancer  View this post on Instagram Promote and support the girls in your life. #girlpower #hereforthegirls #marvel #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness A post shared by [...]

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Promote your rewards program with custom pinback buttons

Pinback Buttons For Rewards Program Starting a rewards program can help your business grow it's loyal base. Kick off your promotional program by using pinback buttons to raise awareness of the program.   Pinback buttons offer a very low cost method to promote your program, and pinback buttons do not get thrown away.  They are added to [...]

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custom buttons multiple artworks

If you are ordering custom buttons, but want to include multiple artworks, we have you covered at Half Price Buttons.  We extend volume discounts on custom button orders, that include multiple artworks which have been designed to our templates.Orders must be placed online, and artwork must be designed to our templates, and be print ready.  

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Custom Buttons For The Theatre

Custom buttons are a great way to attract an audience for your theatre production.  We were pleased to team up with the University of Idaho on a project for their theatre department. This particular project allowed the University of Idaho to take advantage of our volume discounts across multiple artworks/colors.  Using our standard volume discount allows for [...]

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Button Magnets

Button magnets are a stronger alternative to thin flexible printed magnets.  Button magnets are made with two piece button components and include a strong/thick magnet to adhere photos and paper to your fridge.Customize-able with your artwork, or plain colors, they are available in round, square, oval, and rectangle shapes.Volume discounts apply across multiple artworks when [...]

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Pinback Buttons for non-profit

If your non-profit is looking for a way to reward its members, or attract new members via a give-a-way, try our pinback buttons. Our pinback buttons are available in sizes small(1 inch diameter) to large( 4 inch diameter).  We also offer unique custom shapes, such as square, rectangle, and oval buttons.Kick off your campaign with custom buttons from Half Price [...]

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