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Fundraising Buttons


Fundraising Buttons

Written by Ryan Kivimagi of


Money for non-profits is always tight, and we wish we had just a little bit more for the next project.  Often fundraising is a large portion of the non-profits budget, and too often the volunteers that work fundraisers are burnt out.


Fundraising buttons take the burden of fundraising away!  Half Price Buttons will take care of the manufacturing of these buttons, as well as the design, and all that your organization will need to do is sell these buttons.  Include a raffle number in your artwork and you’ve taken an affordable item, often less than $0.25, and turned it into at least $5.00.  

These 2.25 inch consecutively numbered fundraising buttons will be a hit at your next event.


Fundraising buttons can also be used as a ticket, or admission, to your charities raffle, or carnival event, and door prizes can be awarded at the end of the evening.


Fundraising buttons offer a 2000% markup on the cost of the goods, and could be even larger depending on your sale price.  These fundraising buttons available in sizes from 1 inch to 3 inch, are sure to be your organizations most profitable fundraiser.


Half Price Buttons has the experience to turn your fundraiser into a success, and we will be there with you every step of the way.

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